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Common Questions & Answers

Do you charge by the user?

No, there is no limit on users who can optionally log in and access 3DPartsManager. Each user just counts as a record stored in your application.

Who owns the data stored in my app?

You own it! Although the data is stored in 3DPartsManager databases, you are the complete owner of your data and are solely responsible for its contents.

Can I customize 3DPartsManager?

3DPartsManager meets most needs without any adjustment, but we can also customize the application for your needs.

Does it communicate with my ERP/PLM?

3DPartsManager can easily communicate with your PLM and your ERP to share data in both directions.

Do you have setup fees or contracts?

Nope, there are no fees or contracts with 3DPartsManager. Get your trial account in 10 minutes without entering a credit card. At the end of your trial you can select a plan and pay month-to-month.

What’s a record?

A record corresponds to an entry in 3DPartsManager. Each part, manufacturer and user is a record

Can I import existing data?

Of course! When we set up the application, we will import all of your existing data (characteristics, CAD files, documents, etc.).

Do I need training to use the application?

3DPartsManager users do not need any training. Administrators only need to follow the few tutorials provided with the application.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club cards) , PayPal or bank transfers.

What kind of performance can I expect?

Our plans are designed to be very responsive in almost all use cases. Because these plans do share cloud resources, it is possible that performance can be affected by heavy bandwidth or processing usage. 

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